C.R.E.W. News Crew


2016-2017 C.R.E.W. NEWS TEAM

The news team consists of two teams of seven fifth graders. Each team is one air every other week changing on Fridays. The news broadcast is now on YouTube for the world to watch at 7:40 AM. Broadcasts happen every school day except for the first day of school, the last day of school, and" Strut" days.

Staff advisor:

Dr. T. K. Cassidy-Fleming tk.cassidy@wcsga.net

Jobs (1 on each team):

Greeter - sets the tone for the morning and welcomes the audience

LWH - reports the lunch, weather and history for the day

Announcer - reports any important happenings and birthdays for the day

Camera person - responsible for the videotaping of the broadcast

Teleprompter - responsible for coaching on air people

Audio/slide show - runs the power point program for the display behind the broadcast

Student director - responsible for the smooth running of the program and steps in any job if needed


The news team is like a real world experience. The fourth grade students need to apply for the job (in April), get references (their teacher), interview, and get permission (from parents). They are expected to be on time, eat their breakfast before going on air, gather the information they need and practice their lines before the broadcast.

News team members are expected to be on their best behavior and act as a good role models for the younger students all the time. Flagrant misbehavior will result in a warning. A second warning will mean dismissal from the team.

The skills used for the news broadcast production may, at first, seem unrelated to the classroom. There are many overlaps, however. The technology used will help the teams to become more confident users. They learn to use the camera, power point, a teleprompter, and some editing equipment. Each of these skills is the basis of what modern day news broadcasters use to produce professional programs.

Part of the fifth grade standards refers to being comfortable speaking publically. For the past three years, the winners of our school speech competition - who also went on to represent our school county-wide - have been members of the news team. The confidence that using these skills gives the students is something many people do not have the opportunity to perfect.