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Welcome to the CRE Media Center!!

Dr. Cassidy-Fleming's Personal Philosophy

The Library Media Program should be an integral part of the instructional process. The 
Library Media Center should be a -

C* H* I* L* D* S* library.  (Central Hub for Independent Learning, Discovery, and Studies.)

The Library Media Center should always be an open, friendly place for students and staff alike,
but my most important goal is to help create a lifetime habit of using the library. I firmly believe
that readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

The mission of the Cedar Ridge School Library Media Program is to ensure that students are
effective users of ideas and information. The library media center strives to provide the
school community with a wide range of materials on appropriate levels of difficulty that will
encourage growth in knowledge, establish a life-long love of reading, and foster information literacy.


CRE Media Center is open from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
every school day. Students may come any time they have
their teacher’s permission for checkouts.

Student Conduct
Student patrons of the library media center must follow the 
established rules of acceptable behavior listed below. 
Three most important rules of the library
1. Talk softly
2. Walk softly
3. Smile REAL loud
1. Use a quiet voice - see rule #1.
2. Take care of all library media center materials.
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
4. Leave food and drink outside the library media center.
5. Listen and follow directions from all library media center staff.