Guess What Cedar Ridge Parents say about us….

 We now have access to a wonderful reading program Fun eReader. This online application is for any member of the Cedar Ridge family.  All the books in this program, both fiction and non-fiction, are in English and Spanish and have an option to have the book read out loud. 

Choose the eBook tab at the top of the page. Then choose the middle option – school’s eBook site. The access code is 957UJF.
Then explore and read to your heart’s content. You can also download the app and use an iPad or iPhone to read the books.  There are extras, such as background info on the author and the subject, quizzes and teaching activities.  
Cedar Ridge Elementary Parents our 2016 CCRPI Score is in the Following Link.

 Cedar Ridge Parents I hope you can take a few minutes to complete The Georgia School's Parent Survey. You can access it by clicking the following Georgia Department of Education Picture. Thanks You :) 



Click Picture of Ready4K to open Link!

Off to a Great Start !